SPS Savings BluePrint

Knowing when it’s time to replace aging building envelope components can be challenging.

How can you be sure you are making the right decisions? How do you know what you can afford to do? Which option provides the greatest long-term value?

At SPS, we’ve created a solution that will guide your community for decades to come.

The SPS Savings BluePrint is a road map for managing your building envelope plan. No more wondering and worrying. The Savings BluePrint allows you to make the correct maintenance, repair, and replacement decisions today and every day going forward.

Understand Your Options

The SPS Savings BluePrint starts with a comprehensive building envelope evaluation. We determine existing conditions and calculate how these findings impact current maintenance and reserve planning.

Then, we work with you and your association management company to develop a high-value, long-term solution. Your Savings BluePrint is custom-designed to address your community’s financial circumstances and aesthetic preferences.

Make the Correct Decisions

The SPS Savings BluePrint allows you to understand the consequences of following your current building envelope plan compared to alternative solutions. Each option is supported by a detailed cost analysis.

Your Savings BluePrint gives you the information, insight, and bottom-line clarity to choose the best path forward — and to make your decision with confidence.

Do the Job Right

Making the right building envelope decisions can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be.

The SPS Savings BluePrint is a proven method for creating a clear, financially responsible plan to revitalize your property and your community. Your Savings BluePrint is practical, comprehensive, and completely transparent. And it’s only available from SPS.

About SPS Building Solutions

SPS Savings BluePrint is part of SPS’s building envelope solutions for condominium communities.

We felt stuck. We needed to do something to turn things around, but we couldn’t agree on how to do it. We certainly didn’t believe we could afford a lasting solution. But that was before we started working with Schernecker Property Services.
Mills PondBloomfield, Conn.

Sterling Meadows

West Boylston, Mass

  • SPS Savings BluePrint

The Turning Point

How the SPS Savings BluePrint helped Mills Pond transform a failing building envelope into a fresh start

It was no secret that the buildings at Mills Pond were in rough shape. The original cedar clapboard siding at the Bloomfield, CT townhome community was failing. Windows needed to be replaced. Decks were deteriorating. And the roofs, replaced just eight years earlier on all 26 buildings, were leaking.

“We felt stuck. We needed to do something to turn things around, but we couldn’t agree on how to do it. We certainly didn’t believe we could afford a lasting solution. But that was before we started working with Schernecker Property Services.”