About Us

We’re changing the game for condominium communities

Our Mission

“We exist to deliver the highest value, long-term solutions for condominium communities.”

A comprehensive and collaborative planning approach is the best way to deliver the highest-value, long-term solution. That’s why we’ve created a roadmap to deliver on the promise of worry-free condominium living. Our planning process empowers associations to make the right decisions for their community’s present and future.

Our Story

The beginnings of our work with communities date back to 1987 — the middle of the condominium building boom — when college student Fred Schernecker began a summer house painting business. By 1990, this business, now SPS, was a full-time endeavor servicing the exterior needs of condominiums.

The in-depth experience SPS gained during these early years working on the maintenance needs of hundreds of condominium communities built the foundation for a client-focused solution. We learned that spot replacement and a component-by-component approach are often ineffective and inefficient.  Responding to status quo requests wasn’t solving the root of the problem.

From this knowledge and a mission to create more value for homeowners, we devised a best-practice process to empower condominium associations. The resulting planning framework ensures the information is available to pursue the highest-value, long term approach.

Our Commitment to Condominium Communities

We’ve made it our mission to deliver the highest-value, long-term solutions for condominium  communities. The spirit of that singular aim is ingrained in everything we do at SPS. It’s at the core of our value-focused planning process to help guide communities to making the right decisions for the short- and long-term future of their homes. It drives how we create and sustain relationships with our clients by focusing on solutions to their biggest challenges. And it sets the tone for the values we uphold as we interact with each other, our clients, our partners, and our communities.

By prioritizing our mission and our process, we are redefining what it means to live in condominium communities. By 2030, we will save condominium homeowners $300 million through proper long-term planning.

Our History

  • 1987

    Fred Schernecker starts a summer house painting business.

  • 1990

    The business, now SPS, is handling exterior maintenance for condominiums.

  • 2012

    SPS begins offering building envelope planning solutions to address the long-term exterior needs of condominium communities.

  • 2023

    SPS’ long-term building envelope planning process has saved homeowners $200 million and counting.

  • Our Community

    We proudly work with nonprofits and organizations that align with our mission and values and help us make a larger impact on our surrounding communities. We give back through involvement in several worthwhile organizations.

    Our Team

    The SPS planning team helps communities uncover the highest-value, long-term solutions through our best-practice planning process. Our team’s expertise in planning is bolstered by training and experience in engineering, architecture, and operations. We’ve earned the trust of hundreds of communities and thousands of homeowners by working side-by-side with our clients in service of our mission – determining the best solution to ensure their successful future.

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