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At Schernecker Property Services, we exist to deliver the highest-value, long-term building envelope solutions for New England condominium communities.

We help communities improve the appearance and longevity of their properties by taking a comprehensive, collaborative approach to project planning and execution.

We help board members understand how making correct long-term building envelope decisions creates long-term value and savings.

And we offer homeowners unprecedented peace-of-mind that their building envelope will remain worry-free for decades to come.

SPS has been helping condominium communities solve their building envelope challenges for more than 25 years. That’s experience we bring to every planning session, every project, and every homeowner presentation. Our professional management team excels at keeping large, complex projects on track and keeping homeowners happy.

At SPS, we do more than replace roofs and siding — and windows, doors, and decks. We provide building solutions for your community.

SPS went above and beyond on a regular basis. They were always collaborative when it came to solving problems, never confrontational.

Village of Fairway Green

Plymouth, Mass.

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