Windows & Doors

Replacing windows and doors during a siding replacement project is the best way to save money and do the job right.

  • Replacing the windows and doors at the same time — when crews are already onsite — is much more cost-efficient. Replacing them after the siding project is done can easily cost 50% to 100% more.
  • The best way to assure high-quality weatherproof installation is when the siding has already been stripped. Removing the siding makes it possible to identify and correct any water damage caused by failed frames and flashing details. New windows and doors can now be flashed properly to prevent future water penetration.
  • Choosing the right type of window is critical. Use a fully-framed window with nailing flanges. These windows — known in the industry as “new construction windows” — allow the contractor to properly install and flash the entire unit as an integral part of the siding system.
  • Window and door replacement can be a sensitive matter for communities, regardless of whether these components are considered personal or common property. But ignoring or avoiding the issue is a costly mistake that can jeopardize the integrity of your building envelope.

SPS is a very professional company, easy to work with, and performs quality work. Everyone is driven by client focused solutions. They rely on each other and work as a team to execute what they do best —  highest-value, long-term solutions. As a condominium community, we could not be more fortunate to have SPS supporting us.

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Riverbend Condominium Trust
Windows and doors are key components of an integrated building envelope system.