We exist to deliver the highest-value long-term solutions.

SPS guides condominium homeowners and communities in planning and executing the highest value, long-term solutions for their building envelope needs. We help communities ensure exterior components work together to protect homeowners from the elements.

Since 1990 we have helped thousands of condominium communities address their building envelope needs.  

This experience led to the creation of a comprehensive planning process to help associations protect the value of their homes, save money, and reduce the burden of ongoing maintenance. 

We live our mission by guiding communities through a value-focused planning process designed to  inform the best decisions for the short- and long-term future of their homes.

Navigating the Unique Challenges Facing Condominium Communities

Owning a home is part of the American dream. Condominium communities make this dream an achievable reality. Due to their smaller footprint and economies of scale during the construction process, condominiums tend to be more affordable for homebuyers. However, these homes are often built with less expensive materials and installation practices. This means exterior components like roofs, siding, trim, windows, doors, and decks don’t protect homes as well or as long as homeowners expect and deserve.

Over time, repainting, repairing, or replacing individual exterior components becomes a waste of time and money by fixing symptoms instead of the root cause. Since 1990, SPS has helped communities navigate the challenges of caring for the aging exteriors of their homes for the long term.

Our Process


Preserves home values

House with sparkle

Enhances curb appeal


Lowers utility bills


Reduces exterior maintenance needs


Saves homeowners money


Improves interior living space comfort

Restoring Communities

We work with board members, homeowners, and property managers to create a value-driven plan for their building envelope. We restore a sense of community through collaboration.


Association Board Members

It is easy to focus on short-term fixes that seem cost-effective, but are more costly over time. Our approach aims to empower board members with the knowledge they need to confidently make decisions that benefit their community for years to come.


Issues with a home’s exterior envelope can be worrisome. Our team conducts an unbiased evaluation, providing homeowners with the comprehensive facts of their envelope’s condition. We help guide community decision makers to solutions for energy efficient, comfortable, worry-free homeownership and peace of mind.


Property Managers

Solutions must be aligned with homeowners’ best interests. When it comes to the specialized nature of building envelopes, a trusted expert partner can make the difference between success and stress. Our building envelope expertise and experience working with condominiums allows us to guide  communities through best-practice planning. We ensure homeowners are satisfied every step of the way and relieve the burden from property managers.

A Proven Process for Making the Right Decision

Managing the exterior of condominium buildings is daunting. Ineffective moisture management techniques and low quality materials used in the original construction add to the complication.  Making maintenance, repair, and replacement decisions without proper guidance can be stressful — and costly.

SPS guides communities through a proven 3-step planning process to help you make the highest value  decisions for your building exteriors. Our Savings BluePrint process is a step-by-step roadmap to build a long-term solution, not just quick fixes that don’t address the root problem. This process guides short-term maintenance, repairs, timely component replacement and long-term restoration solutions.

How can you be sure you are making the right decisions
How do you know what you can afford to do
Which option provides the greatest long-term value

What Our Clients Say

What is a Building Envelope?

A building envelope is more than just a grouping of materials and components that protects a home from the elements. It’s a system that works together to keep you comfortable inside, by keeping the weather outside. Though it can often go unnoticed, an aging and ineffective building envelope can allow water and wind to penetrate the exterior walls of your home, leading to costly and premature repairs. What might seem like peeling siding paint or a roof leak could actually be a sign your home’s envelope is failing.

A building envelope is a complex system that requires specialized knowledge and expertise to properly maintain, repair, replace and restore. Communities seeking to understand how today’s maintenance headaches might be creating unexpected future problems rely on the guidance of building envelope specialists to ensure a holistic and preventive solution for the long term.

SPS offers specialized guidance for condominium communities through our expert building exterior evaluation, diagnosis, and planning services. We can help you understand the current condition of your building envelope and make informed decisions.

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