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Guidance and collaboration to restore community

Empowering Everyone in the Community

Our planning process is designed for the entire community: association board members serving temporary or extended terms, homeowners, and property managers seeking to ensure the long-term safety, enjoyment, and value of the communities they serve and call home. SPS offers unmatched expert planning using a facts-first, objective approach to guide our clients toward the solution that delivers the highest value over the long term. 

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A Guide for Board Members

As a board member, upholding fiduciary responsibility to homeowners and the community involves making decisions in the present that can have a significant impact on the future. That’s where SPS comes in. We guide board members through the process of making informed, long-term decisions for their community’s building envelope. By understanding the most effective and efficient solutions, association boards are equipped to make building envelope improvements that will stand the test of time, saving money and creating long-term value for the community.

Download our Community Planning Guide: The 5 Biggest Maintenance Mistakes Eroding Your Reserve Funds

Learn how to break the repair cycle and create a cost-saving plan for the future.

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