Siding & Trim

Are you replacing more and more rotted boards with each repaint cycle?

Is the time between repaint cycles getting shorter? Before you put your exterior maintenance program on autopilot for another year, consider these tips:

  • Peeling paint, cracked siding, and rotted trim are classic signs of deeper problems. Failed flashing and barrier materials under your siding likely need attention.
  • Painting and spot repairs are not permanent solutions. Be sure to identify and correct the underlying problems that are causing your siding and trim to fail in the first place.
  • The only way to really know what is hiding under your siding is to look. Determining the cause of the problem — and the extent of any related damage, such as rotted framing and mold — requires an invasive inspection.
  • Planning a siding replacement project? Compare material, installation, and maintenance costs to find the right long-term value solution for your community.
  • Replace old and failing windows, doors, and decks during your siding replacement project for the highest quality weatherproofing. To prevent water penetration, every component must be tied together with layers of flashing materials. This comprehensive approach is the best way to make sure your new windows, doors, siding and trim function properly as a system.

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Siding and trim are key components of an integrated building envelope system.