SPS30® is complete building envelope replacement

SPS30 is a new, custom-designed building envelope that is built to provide 30 years of worry-free, low-maintenance condominium living.

Savings for Homeowners from SPS30 Projects to Date

Experience Matters

At SPS, we complete more than 500 projects a year. And no contractor has more experience working with New England condominium communities than SPS.

Since 1987, we’ve completed thousands of building envelope projects. We’ve seen how a brand new building envelope can revitalize a community. We also know that taking an integrated approach to the work produces the best experience for homeowners.

Here for You at Every Step

SPS30 projects are driven by collaboration, cooperation, and communication. Our professional management team understands the dynamics of working with condominium communities — from pre-construction planning and weekly production meetings, to homeowner meetings and notifications. At SPS, we take pride in keeping homeowners happy. Going the extra mile isn’t the exception — it’s the rule.

Enhanced Warranties

SPS30 building envelope projects deliver enduring value, longevity, and peace of mind. SPS30 projects use only the highest quality materials. The finished product is backed by enhanced manufacturer warranties only available to SPS30 clients.

About SPS Building Solutions

SPS30 is part of SPS’s building envelope solutions for condominium communities.

Working with SPS is not like working with a contractor. You feel that you have a partner — that you are going to get this done and do it right. And we did. This SPS30 project gave our community a fresh start and a clear path forward.
Village of Fairway GreenPlymouth, Mass.