Revitalize Your Community with a New Building Envelope

SPS30 is a complete building envelope restoration, a path many communities take after creating a Savings BluePrint plan. While SPS sometimes guides communities through the Savings BluePrint process without completing an SPS30 restoration project, we won’t consider doing an SPS30 restoration project without a Savings BluePrint plan to inform our work.

Since 1987, SPS has completed thousands of building envelope projects. We’ve seen firsthand how a restored building envelope can revitalize a community. We also know that taking an integrated, proactive approach to the work produces the best experience and results for homeowners. Our SPS30 solution is a new, custom-designed building envelope built to provide 30 years of worry-free, low-maintenance living.

A Long-Term Solution for Worry-Free Living

When weighing the options of repair, maintenance, replacement or comprehensive building envelope replacement, consider both the short- and the long-term. If your community has celebrated another over its 20th birthday the short-term approach of bare minimum repairs and maintenance is no longer minimal from either a budget or time perspective. We designed the SPS30 project specifically for you. It solves your short-term problems and fulfills longer term needs by removing the worry of keeping up with your aging building envelope.

The SPS30 comprehensive building envelope restoration project is designed to:

  • Remove failing or insufficient building envelope layers
  • Replace them with products that last
  • Integrate all of the new layers to create a system to protect your community from the outside weather

After completing an SPS30 project, ongoing maintenance is reduced to a periodic check-in to assess the wear of exterior materials exposed to ultraviolet rays as well as inspect for accidental or inadvertent damages due to homeowners or other community maintenance vendors. Deferring simple and inexpensive maintenance leads to more complicated and costly problems down the road. Our proprietary SPS30 Assurance program is designed to meet these specific post-restoration maintenance needs.

The Path to a Low-Maintenance Future

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30-year multi-product lifespan and 30-year installation practice guarantee creates 30-year financing options.

Guided by Proactive Planning. Executed by Experts.

SPS30 projects are driven by safety, collaboration, and communication. Our professional management team has extensive experience by exclusively working with condominium communities to understand the technical and social dynamics — from pre-construction mobilization and weekly production meetings, to homeowner meetings and notifications. At SPS, we take pride in keeping homeowners informed, safe and happy. Going the extra mile isn’t the exception — it’s the rule.

Our team has completed SPS30 restoration projects for over…

in savings

Our Guarantee

Your community deserves long-term peace of mind to complement your durable, beautiful new building envelope. SPS30 building envelopes are designed to last for a minimum of 30 years. We offer added value with SPS30 Assurance, our 30-year comprehensive care plan.

Learn more about the projection SPS30 Assurance provides.

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