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Expert “Do It Right” Guides from SPS

At SPS, we know that the building envelope decisions you make today will affect the value of your property long after the work is done.
That’s why each of our free Expert “Do It Right” Guides is packed with time-proven advice on how to do the job right.

Planning for Success

Keep your building envelope project on track with these time-proven tips

Cover Thumbnail for 'How to Think Clearly about Your Building Envelope'

How to Think Clearly about Your Building Envelope

A practical guide to planning for aging properties

The Science of Energy Savings

How a holistic approach to your building envelope helps save the environment while saving homeowners money

Boost Your Roofing IQ

Insider advice on getting more value for your association’s roofing dollars

Siding Replacement

Insider tips on how to do the job right

A Painting Primer

Insider tips on hiring a contractor to do the job right

Is It Time to Replace Your Aging Decks?

How to make the right decision for your community

The Truth About Spot Repairs

Is your building envelope maintenance doing more harm than good?

The Spot Repair Trap

How fear and inertia cost communities hundreds of thousands of dollars — and what you can do about it

Building Envelope Basics

How to save your association hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing the job right

Roofing and Siding Layovers

Myths and facts

The 5 Biggest Maintenance Mistakes

— and how to avoid them