Game Changer

How Southpoint used SPS’s holistic approach to secure a worry-free future

Game Changer

How Southpoint used SPS’s holistic approach to secure a worry-free future

Has your aging building envelope crossed the line where spot repairs and maintenance painting no longer make sense?

That was the question confronting the board of Southpoint Condominiums in Sandwich, Mass., a 30-year old townhome community on Cape Cod.

A Process for Progress

“We spent more than $30,000 for carpentry and spot replacement on the last building we painted,” says long-time owner and Board of Trustees Co-Chairman Andy Heckler.

“The cost to maintain our cedar siding had been going up for years, but that bill really got our attention. We knew we had to do something. We just could not agree about what that should be and what we could afford.”

A building envelope project can be overwhelming, says Churchill. “It’s expensive, so the stakes are high,
and when the need is urgent or unexpected, emotions can also run high.”

Today’s board members are also more likely to consider full building envelope replacement than their predecessors, says Churchill. “No building envelope component lasts forever. At some point, every community faces the same challenges: How do we know when aggressive maintenance no longer makes sense? How can we be sure we’re making the correct long-term decisions? And how do make sure the job is done right?”

SouthPoint Dormer with widow and roofingSPS helps communities meet these challenges through a collaborative process that makes it easy for clients to understand their options, choose the right building envelope solution, and implement that solution. “It’s a holistic approach based on decades of experience,” says Churchill. “And it starts with the Savings BluePrint.”

Choose the Right Solution

The SPS Savings BluePrint allows a board to make informed building envelope decisions based on evidence from invasive inspections and an analysis of the association’s financial circumstances.

“You can’t make informed decisions if you don’t know the reality of your situation,” says Andy Heckler. “SPS’s findings gave us the facts we needed to compare our options and understand the financial consequences of our actions.”

One of the options is a SPS30 building envelope replacement project, which is developed in full partnership with the board and specified to last 30 years or more. The SPS30 development process also includes financial planning and financing solutions.

The results of SPS’s investigation was a real eye opener, says Heckler. “Not only was there extensive siding failure, we also found systemic problems with the roofs and the original windows. When we compared our options, and the costs, it was clear that full building envelope replacement was our best solution.”

SPS Vice President Thomas Daniel worked with the Southpoint board to specify a new building envelope using long-life, low-maintenance materials. New roofs were installed. Cedar siding and pine trim were replaced with vinyl siding and PVC trim. The scope of work also included new construction windows and sliders.

“SPS30 building envelope replacement projects are custom-designed and built to last,” says Daniel. “Every component is installed and flashed to work together for the best possible weatherproofing and energy-efficiency. The roofing, the siding, the windows and doors — everything is fully-integrated at the same time into a brand new building envelope system.”

One hallmark of the SPS Savings BluePrint process is that the board retains complete autonomy when it comes to decision making. “The board is under no obligation to hire us to perform the work,” says Daniel, who notes that Southpoint verified the cost of working with other contractors before moving forward with SPS.

“When we went out to the market, we found that SPS’s pricing for a solution to our problem was very competitive,” says Andy Heckler. “In fact, the total value that SPS offered could not be matched.” Trust was another reason why the board chose SPS to perform the work, he says. “During the BluePrint process, SPS showed us they were team players with a lot of experience. And they were confident that they could complete our SPS30 building envelope replacement project over the winter.”

SPS delivered. The project was done on time and on budget.

“Work with the Very Best”

Work at Southpoint began in late November 2015 with SPS’s David Sullivan at the helm for SPS. The project team also included quality control services from engineering firm GRLA and property management services from Bob McBride of the Dartmouth Group.

“Given what we needed to do, we needed to work with the very best,” says former Southpoint Board President Frank Winters. “The fact that everybody had worked together before only multiplied our chances for success.”

Winters admits he was wary of SPS’s ability to perform full building envelope replacements on all of Southpoint’s 10 buildings over the winter. “Planning and promises are one thing,” he says, “but SPS delivered. The project was done on time and on budget.”

Building envelope work at Southpoint wrapped just 16 weeks later on April 1. Winters credits SPS’s David Sullivan and the rest of the project team with keeping the project moving forward. “It was a positive, collaborative process,” he says. “We held production meetings every Friday to review progress and resolve challenges. And if an owner had a problem, SPS worked with them to make sure they were happy. They did a fine job.”

You can’t make informed decisions if you don’t know the reality of your situation. SPS’s findings gave us the facts we needed. When we compared our options, and the costs, full building envelope replacement was our best solution.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

The capstone of SPS’s suite of building envelope solutions is SPS30 Assurance — an exclusive 30-year warranty and annual maintenance plan. “There’s nothing else like it,” says SPS’s Churchill.

SPS30 Assurance provides unprecedented 100% coverage for materials, workmanship, and maintenance for a fixed, predictable rate. “That kind of peace of mind is a game changer,” says Heckler. “We don’t have to worry about building envelope maintenance again. If there’s a problem, SPS owns it.”

The SPS30 Assurance plan was a key factor in Southpoint’s ability to finance the multi-million dollar project. “Everyone likes certainty,” says Heckler. “The bank wants to know that their investment in Southpoint is going to be protected, too.”
SPS30’s predetermined cost structure was also appealing. “Predictable costs means no more surprises,” he says. “That matters, especially for owners on a fixed income. And it’s a big selling point for buyers.”

A Complete Solution

“SPS gave us a complete solution for our building envelope,” says Heckler, “They helped us choose the right materials and specifications. They were meticulous about doing the job right. And they are standing behind their work for the next 30 years.”

The result, says Heckler, is a fresh start for both the property and the community. “Southpoint looks brand new again,” says Heckler. “And it’s all because SPS showed us a better way for us to move forward together.”

Southpoint Condominiums

Sandwich, Mass.
  • SPS Savings BluePrint
  • SPS30® Building Envelope Replacement
  • SPS30 Enhanced Manufacturer Warranties
  • SPS30 Assurance 30-Year Workmanship Warranty

For more information about the SPS approach, contact Thomas Daniel