Multi-Million Dollar Exterior Makeover

SPS revitalizes Beacon Village Apartments

Multi-Million Dollar Exterior Makeover

SPS revitalizes Beacon Village Apartments

Imagine your job is to manage the renovation of Beacon Village, a 35-building apartment community built in 1972 in Burlington, Mass. The new owners want to boost Beacon Village’s rental appeal and reduce future maintenance costs with a multi-million dollar makeover.

Whom can you trust to make sure your exterior makeover is done right, on time, and within budget? For Charles Mihok, the Brickpoint Properties project manager overseeing the Beacon Village renovations, the answer was Schernecker Property Services.

“Beacon Village’s ownership group has a history of owning and maintaining properties for the long-term,” says Mihok. “Long-term owners make capital improvement decisions that are right for decades, not years. You choose long-life materials. And you hire a contractor who has a history of delivering long-term value.”

“SPS acted as a partner who wanted to do the job right.”


In addition to complete roofing and siding replacement, the scope of work at Beacon Village included extensive new framing to enclose front and rear entryways and add new bump-outs on the gables. SPS crews also made substantial framing repairs to the existing structure before installing new fiber cement siding and PVC trim. Finally, SPS fitted the new entryways with interior trim, refurbished concrete deck slabs by adding 4-foot privacy walls, and installed new gutters and downspouts.

Charles Mihok notes that SPS’s experience with large-scale projects made it easier for him and Brickpoint’s site supervisor Gary Morris to manage the entire renovation. In particular, he credits the efficiency of SPS’s project management team, led by Vice President Chuck Huntley and onsite supervisor Steve Hogan.


“Chuck and Steve were really on top of their game,” says Mihok. “They always came prepared and took the initiative to facilitate progress. I never had to chase SPS for paperwork. And my calls were always answered or returned immediately.”

Mihok also appreciated SPS’s approach to solving problems. “On a project this big, you’re bound to have some rough spots,” he says. “but Chuck and Steve were co-operative, understanding, and positive at all times. SPS acted as a partner who wanted to do the job right.”

The exterior renovations at Beacon Village were challenging with many moving parts, says SPS’s Huntley. Work on the 3-year project started in 2008; the final phase was completed this summer. But, he says, the end result speaks for itself: “Brickpoint Properties took an aging, outdated property and transformed it into a bright, modern-looking apartment community that attracts tenants and is built to last.”

Beacon Village Apartments

Burlington, Mass.
2008 — 2011
  • Roofing replacement
  • Fiber cement siding installation
  • PVC trim installation
  • New framing construction
  • Spot framing replacement
  • Interior finish carpentry

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