Executive Team

Meet Our Executive Team

Fred Schernecker

Chief Executive Officer

Fred Schernecker started the company that would become Schernecker Property Services in 1987. By 1990, SPS was committed to helping condominiums with exterior maintenance, repair, and replacement work. Today, SPS has grown into New England’s leading provider of custom building envelope solutions for condominium communities. “We have earned our clients’ trust through many years of working side-by-side to deliver the highest value solutions,” says Fred. “That’s a track record we’re proud of — and a benchmark for success on every project.”

Eric Churchill

Executive Vice President

Eric Churchill works directly with our clients and management team to ensure we deliver the highest value, long-term solutions for New England condominium communities. “SPS takes a comprehensive, collaborative approach to building envelope work,” says Eric. “We work with homeowners, property managers, and professionals to help our clients plan, finance, and complete the right project the right way.”

Brian Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Brown has overseen SPS field and production operations since 1996. “At SPS, we deliver as promised,” says Brian. “That promise goes beyond quality workmanship. Our managers are fully-engaged at every stage of every project. We return calls quickly. We are ready and available to solve problems. And we keep the work moving forward on time and on budget.”

Steve Schernecker

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Schernecker has directed SPS’s financial, compliance, and administrative operations since 1995. “Our long history of financial stability sets SPS apart,” says Steve. “It’s more than having the resources to complete large-scale projects. It means peace of mind knowing that SPS will be here to stand behind our work when the economy is good — and when it isn’t.”