COVID-19 Response

Dear Valued Client:

Thank you for your continued trust in SPS.

SPS is a mission-based company. We exist to help New England condominium homeowners. Delivering building envelope solutions for this market is all that we do.  We have a vested interest in maintaining your trust. We are here for the long-term – not a transaction.

There are many thousand New England condominium homes, but we are all part of a small, inter-connected community. And the interconnected nature of each condominium community reminds us that diligence is required to prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. During our work we sometimes come in contact with homeowners. In anticipation of that occurrence, it is imperative that we have and follow strict safety guidelines.

Personal habits take time to build. There are several theories on how long – twenty-one days, thirty days or several months. We have had the time to build our COVID-19 safety habits and we are proud of our peoples’ commitment to meeting and exceeding the standards we have adopted. It is better to be 100% committed than 99% or 98%. If we allow one or two small deviations, we will allow more. We need to maintain our commitment without exception.

Building a culture takes longer than individual habits; typically years. We have been committed to our ‘safety first’ culture for over twenty years. And, we continue to strive for improvement. We are not satisfied with our six + years without a lost-day accident. Our goal is simple – that everyone including workers, vendors and residents go home safely each and every night.

Our strong safety culture allowed us to quickly adopt the COVID-19 safety standards and make them part of our daily processes. Beyond the safety of our people and the residents of the communities in which we work, we have a responsibility to the broader world to prevent the spread of the virus. We are embracing that challenge.

With this note I am hoping to share our commitment and to let you know it is ongoing. The standards we have in place to protect our people and clients from COVID-19 will continue well into 2021; perhaps beyond. We are committed to continuing those efforts as long as needed. We are also committed to adapting and improving our approach as needed when new or better approaches are understood.  Our safety-first culture and our commitment to the well-being of New England condominium homeowners has made it relatively easy to add these safety habits and to continue with firm resolve.

We are proud of our peoples’ commitment to the protocols. We appreciate the positive feedback from our clients – that our attention to safety makes them more comfortable.

We will continue to work to deserve the trust you have placed in us.

Fred Schernecker